The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 3

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 72

hardly expect to find much, if any, provision in the cabin
itself, it was necessary that the diver, after letting himself down,
should make a turn to the right, and proceed under water a distance of
ten or twelve feet, in a narrow passage, to the storeroom, and return,
without drawing breath.

Everything being ready, Peters now descended in the cabin, going down
the companion-ladder until the water reached his chin. He then plunged
in, head first, turning to the right as he plunged, and endeavouring to
make his way to the storeroom. In this first attempt, however, he was
altogether unsuccessful. In less than half a minute after his going down
we felt the rope jerked violently (the signal we had agreed upon when
he desired to be drawn up). We accordingly drew him up instantly, but so
incautiously as to bruise him badly against the ladder. He had brought
nothing with him, and had been unable to penetrate more than a very
little way into the passage, owing to the constant exertions he found it
necessary to make in order to keep himself from floating up against the
deck. Upon getting out he was very much exhausted, and had to rest full
fifteen minutes before he could again venture to descend.

The second attempt met with even worse success; for he remained so long
under water without giving the signal, that, becoming alarmed for his
safety, we drew him out without it, and found that he was almost at the
last gasp, having, as he said, repeatedly jerked at the rope without
our feeling it. This was probably owing to a portion of it having become
entangled in the balustrade at the foot of the ladder. This balustrade
was, indeed, so much in the way, that we determined to remove it, if
possible, before proceeding with our design. As we had no means of
getting it away except by main force, we all descended into the water
as far as we could on the ladder, and giving a pull against it with our
united strength, succeeded in breaking it down.

The third attempt was equally unsuccessful with the two first, and it
now became evident that nothing could be done in this manner without the
aid of some weight with which the diver might steady himself, and keep
to the floor of the cabin while making his search. For a long time we
looked about in vain for something which might answer this purpose; but
at length, to our great joy, we discovered one of the weather-forechains
so loose that we had not

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Lia maniero en tiaj momentoj estis frigida kaj abstrakta.
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La tirkestoj de iu sxranko, staranta en unu angulo, estis malfermitaj kaj versxajne disrabitaj, kvankam ankoraux restis en ili multaj objektoj.
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PAUXLINO DUBURGO, lavistino, depozicias ke sxi konas ambaux mortintojn jam de tri jaroj, lavinte vestajxojn.
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sortodivenis por gajni vivmonon.
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Certis ke ne estis vocxo de virino.
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Ne komprenas la Germanan.
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Ne estas malantauxflanka sxtuparo laux kiu homo povintus descendi samtempe dum la enirantoj suprenrapidigxis.
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La Pariza polico, tiel lauxdate pri _sagaceco_, estas ruza, sed nur ruza.
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La kontrolesploro dauxris gxis.
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Lia emfazmaniero, kiam li diris la vorton _strangan_, enhavis ion kiu ektremigis min, sen ke mi prikonsciu la kialon.
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Cxiu certas ke ne estis vocxo de unu el siaj samlandanoj.
Page 19
" "Mi ne scias," dauxrigis Dupino, "kiujn efektojn mi estigis gxis nun, eble, sur vian komprenon.
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Nur restas al ni pruvi ke tiuj sxajnaj malebloj estas, verfakte, eblaj.
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Versxajnas ke la polico, same kiel mi, kontrolis la malantauxajxon.
Page 24
"Frenezulo," mi diris, "plenumis tiun faron.
Page 27
" "Bedauxrinde estos devi min senhavigi je gxi," diris Dupino.
Page 28
"Dio helpu min!" li diris post mallonga pauxzo.
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Devas esti ke la viktimoj sidis malalfrontante la fenestron kaj, jugxante laux la eta tempodauxro forpasinta inter la eniro de la besto kaj iliaj sxirkriegoj, oni rajtas supozi ke ili ne tuj gxin ekvidis.