The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 3

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 228

that is at the rate of one
thousand miles per hour. Now, suppose that I sail from this position a
thousand miles east. Of course I anticipate the rising of the sun here
at London by just one hour. I see the sun rise one hour before you
do. Proceeding, in the same direction, yet another thousand miles, I
anticipate the rising by two hours--another thousand, and I anticipate
it by three hours, and so on, until I go entirely round the globe, and
back to this spot, when, having gone twenty-four thousand miles east,
I anticipate the rising of the London sun by no less than twenty-four
hours; that is to say, I am a day in advance of your time. Understand,

UNCLE. “But Double L. Dee-”

SMITHERTON. (Speaking very loud.) “Captain Pratt, on the contrary, when
he had sailed a thousand miles west of this position, was an hour, and
when he had sailed twenty-four thousand miles west, was twenty-four
hours, or one day, behind the time at London. Thus, with me, yesterday
was Sunday--thus, with you, to-day is Sunday--and thus, with Pratt,
to-morrow will be Sunday. And what is more, Mr. Rumgudgeon, it
is positively clear that we are all right; for there can be no
philosophical reason assigned why the idea of one of us should have
preference over that of the other.”

UNCLE. “My eyes!--well, Kate--well, Bobby!--this is a judgment upon me,
as you say. But I am a man of my word--mark that! you shall have her,
boy, (plum and all), when you please. Done up, by Jove! Three Sundays
all in a row! I’ll go, and take Dubble L. Dee’s opinion upon that.”

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