The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 3

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 208

are indissolubly
one--since I have yielded to your passionate entreaties, and performed
my portion of our agreement--I presume you have not forgotten that you
also have a little favor to bestow--a little promise which it is your
intention to keep. Ah! let me see! Let me remember! Yes; full easily do
I call to mind the precise words of the dear promise you made to Eugenie
last night. Listen! You spoke thus: ‘It is done!--it is most cheerfully
agreed! I sacrifice every feeling for your sake. To-night I wear this
dear eye-glass as an eye-glass, and upon my heart; but with the earliest
dawn of that morning which gives me the privilege of calling you wife, I
will place it upon my--upon my nose,--and there wear it ever afterward,
in the less romantic, and less fashionable, but certainly in the more
serviceable, form which you desire.’ These were the exact words, my
beloved husband, were they not?”

“They were,” I said; “you have an excellent memory; and assuredly,
my beautiful Eugenie, there is no disposition on my part to evade the
performance of the trivial promise they imply. See! Behold! they are
becoming--rather--are they not?” And here, having arranged the glasses
in the ordinary form of spectacles, I applied them gingerly in their
proper position; while Madame Simpson, adjusting her cap, and folding
her arms, sat bolt upright in her chair, in a somewhat stiff and prim,
and indeed, in a somewhat undignified position.

“Goodness gracious me!” I exclaimed, almost at the very instant that the
rim of the spectacles had settled upon my nose--“My goodness gracious
me!--why, what can be the matter with these glasses?” and taking them
quickly off, I wiped them carefully with a silk handkerchief, and
adjusted them again.

But if, in the first instance, there had occurred something which
occasioned me surprise, in the second, this surprise became
elevated into astonishment; and this astonishment was profound--was
extreme--indeed I may say it was horrific. What, in the name of
everything hideous, did this mean? Could I believe my eyes?--could
I?--that was the question. Was that--was that--was that rouge? And were
those--and were those--were those wrinkles, upon the visage of Eugenie
Lalande? And oh! Jupiter, and every one of the gods and goddesses,
little and big! what--what--what--what had become of her teeth? I dashed
the spectacles violently to the ground, and, leaping to my feet, stood
erect in the middle of the floor, confronting Mrs. Simpson, with my arms
set a-kimbo, and grinning and foaming, but, at the same time, utterly
speechless with terror and with rage.

Now I have already said that Madame Eugenie Lalande--that is

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Text Comparison with The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Comprising the details of a mutiny and atrocious butchery on board the American brig Grampus, on her way to the South Seas, in the month of June, 1827.

Page 14
The taper gave out so feeble a ray, that it was with the greatest difficulty I could grope my way through the confused mass of lumber among which I now found myself.
Page 16
You will find my watch there--it may be useful to you, as you have no daylight to keep time by.
Page 18
Besides, granting that we were still in the neighbourhood of the island, why should not Augustus have visited me and informed me of the circumstance? Pondering in this manner upon the difficulties of my solitary and cheerless condition, I resolved to wait yet another twenty-four hours, when, if no relief were obtained, I would make my way to the trap, and endeavour either to hold a parley with my friend, or get at least a little fresh air through the opening, and a further supply of water from his stateroom.
Page 30
All was silent for some moments.
Page 41
Page 62
The two former were shot instantly by Peters, and I felled Parker with a blow on the head from the pump-handle which I had brought with me.
Page 68
As no reply was at first made to this question, we all concluded that the hybrid had been drowned where he lay; but presently, to our great joy, he spoke, although very feebly, saying that he was in great pain, being so cut by the tightness of his lashings across the stomach, that he must either find means of loosening them or perish, as it was impossible that he could endure his misery much longer.
Page 73
Throwing ourselves on our knees to God, we implored his aid in the many dangers which beset us; and arose with renewed hope and vigour to think what could yet be done by mortal means towards accomplishing our deliverance.
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Peters had left one of the chains in the passage, and I found, upon plunging in, that I had not sufficient ballast to keep me firmly down.
Page 84
He heard all I said without attempting to controvert any of my arguments, and I had begun to hope that he would be prevailed upon to do as I desired.
Page 112
In the November following he renewed his search in the Antarctic.
Page 114
On the eleventh of January, 1823, Captain Benjamin Morrell, of the American schooner Wasp, sailed from Kerguelen's Land with a view of penetrating as far south as possible.
Page 123
When the visiters had satisfied, as well as they could, their curiosity in regard to our upper works, they were admitted below, when their amazement exceeded all bounds.
Page 125
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Seeing us at a loss how to proceed, he began, by way of setting us an example, to devour yard after yard of the enticing food, until we could positively stand it no longer, and evinced such manifest symptoms of rebellion of stomach as inspired his majesty with a degree of astonishment only inferior to that brought about by the looking-glasses.
Page 138
Presently we were enabled to obtain a glimpse of the objects around, and discovered that we were near the extremity of the straight portion of the fissure, where it made a turn to the left.
Page 139
Subsequent events proved that, had we fired, we should have sorely repented it; but, luckily, a half suspicion of foul play had by this time arisen in my mind, and we forbore to let the savages know of our whereabouts.
Page 141
But the utter impossibility of succeeding in this desperate task soon became evident.
Page 146
At length we saw that it was the carcass of the strange animal with the scarlet teeth and claws which the schooner had picked up at sea on the eighteenth of January.
Page 153
On recovery, my trepidation had entirely vanished; I felt a new being, and, with some little further aid from my companion, reached the bottom also in safety.