The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 3

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 186

an instrument composed of an assemblage of steel rings, and shook them
vigorously as he ran. Scarcely had he disappeared in the mist before,
panting after him, with open mouth and glaring eyes, there darted a huge
beast. I could not be mistaken in its character. It was a hyena.

“The sight of this monster rather relieved than heightened my
terrors--for I now made sure that I dreamed, and endeavored to arouse
myself to waking consciousness. I stepped boldly and briskly forward.
I rubbed my eyes. I called aloud. I pinched my limbs. A small spring of
water presented itself to my view, and here, stooping, I bathed my hands
and my head and neck. This seemed to dissipate the equivocal sensations
which had hitherto annoyed me. I arose, as I thought, a new man, and
proceeded steadily and complacently on my unknown way.

“At length, quite overcome by exertion, and by a certain oppressive
closeness of the atmosphere, I seated myself beneath a tree. Presently
there came a feeble gleam of sunshine, and the shadow of the leaves of
the tree fell faintly but definitely upon the grass. At this shadow
I gazed wonderingly for many minutes. Its character stupefied me with
astonishment. I looked upward. The tree was a palm.

“I now arose hurriedly, and in a state of fearful agitation--for the
fancy that I dreamed would serve me no longer. I saw--I felt that I had
perfect command of my senses--and these senses now brought to my soul
a world of novel and singular sensation. The heat became all at once
intolerable. A strange odor loaded the breeze. A low, continuous murmur,
like that arising from a full, but gently flowing river, came to my
ears, intermingled with the peculiar hum of multitudinous human voices.

“While I listened in an extremity of astonishment which I need not
attempt to describe, a strong and brief gust of wind bore off the
incumbent fog as if by the wand of an enchanter.

“I found myself at the foot of a high mountain, and looking down into a
vast plain, through which wound a majestic river. On the margin of this
river stood an Eastern-looking city, such as we read of in the Arabian
Tales, but of a character even more singular than any there described.
From my position, which was far above the level of the town, I could
perceive its every nook and corner, as if delineated on a map. The
streets seemed innumerable, and crossed each other irregularly in
all directions, but were rather long winding alleys than streets, and
absolutely swarmed with

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Sur segxo kusxis razilo, sxmirite je sango.
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Etendinte la brakon distancon de du futoj kaj duono (ni nun imagu la sxutron malfermitan plenlargxe), sxtelisto povintus enmanigi solide la lignokradajxon.
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Sur la fajrejo kusxis dikaj bukloj--ege dikaj bukloj--da griza homhararo.
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" Li transdonis al mi paperfolion kaj mi legis la jenon: _"KAPTITA.
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"Tamen nek uzu nek vidigu ilin antaux signalo de mi.
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Vi senkulpis ecx pri sxtelado.
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La klaksonon de la sxutro ili atribuintus kompreneble al la vento.
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Gxi fermis la fenestron sendube gxin trapasante.