The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 3

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 185

absolutely virgin. I could not
help believing that the green sods and the gray rocks upon which I trod
had been trodden never before by the foot of a human being. So
entirely secluded, and in fact inaccessible, except through a series
of accidents, is the entrance of the ravine, that it is by no means
impossible that I was indeed the first adventurer--the very first and
sole adventurer who had ever penetrated its recesses.

“The thick and peculiar mist, or smoke, which distinguishes the Indian
Summer, and which now hung heavily over all objects, served, no doubt,
to deepen the vague impressions which these objects created. So dense
was this pleasant fog that I could at no time see more than a dozen
yards of the path before me. This path was excessively sinuous, and
as the sun could not be seen, I soon lost all idea of the direction
in which I journeyed. In the meantime the morphine had its customary
effect--that of enduing all the external world with an intensity of
interest. In the quivering of a leaf--in the hue of a blade of grass--in
the shape of a trefoil--in the humming of a bee--in the gleaming of a
dew-drop--in the breathing of the wind--in the faint odors that came
from the forest--there came a whole universe of suggestion--a gay and
motley train of rhapsodical and immethodical thought.

“Busied in this, I walked on for several hours, during which the mist
deepened around me to so great an extent that at length I was reduced
to an absolute groping of the way. And now an indescribable uneasiness
possessed me--a species of nervous hesitation and tremor. I feared to
tread, lest I should be precipitated into some abyss. I remembered, too,
strange stories told about these Ragged Hills, and of the uncouth and
fierce races of men who tenanted their groves and caverns. A thousand
vague fancies oppressed and disconcerted me--fancies the more
distressing because vague. Very suddenly my attention was arrested by
the loud beating of a drum.

“My amazement was, of course, extreme. A drum in these hills was a thing
unknown. I could not have been more surprised at the sound of the trump
of the Archangel. But a new and still more astounding source of interest
and perplexity arose. There came a wild rattling or jingling sound, as
if of a bunch of large keys, and upon the instant a dusky-visaged and
half-naked man rushed past me with a shriek. He came so close to my
person that I felt his hot breath upon my face. He bore in one

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Text Comparison with La Murdoj de Kadavrejo-Strato

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Page 1
Tamen kalkuli ne estas en si analizi.
Page 2
Hazarda aux senatenta vorto; senintenca faligo aux renverso de karto kaj la kuniranta anksieco aux senzorgo de la klopodo tion kasxi; la komptado de la prenoj kun ilia arangxordo; embaraso, hezitado, avideco aux timego--cxiuj havigas al lia sxajne intuicia perceptado indicojn pri la vera aferstato.
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Kiam ne placxis al la zibelkolora diino gasti cxe ni, ni falsis sxian cxeeston.
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Kiam la enirintoj atingis la duan etagxon ankaux tiuj disputbruoj jam silentis kaj cxio restis en nepra sensono.
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La korpo ege varmis.
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La domo apartenis al S-rino L.
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Ne komprenas la Germanan.
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Sendube kauxzis tiujn aspektojn tio ke gxi profunde ensxovigxis en la kamentubon.
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Tamen ankoraux ne aperis la plej eta indico-ombro.
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La domon ni facile trovis cxar multaj homoj fiksrigardis la fermitajn supraetagxajn sxutrojn kun sencela scivolemo ekde la kontrauxa flanko de la vojo.
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Mi certe ne troigas dirante ke nek vi nek mi kredas je preternaturajxoj.
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" "Mi nun remetis la najlon kaj gxin rigardis atente.
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Neniam unu sekundon mi perdis la spuron.
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Vi povos rehavi gxin morgauxmatene.
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Cxiomalgrauxe, senkulpa mi estas, kaj mi plene konfesos ecx devonte morti pro tio.
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La kriegoj kaj baraktoj de la maljunulino (dum kiuj la hararo estis forsxirita de sur sxia kapo) finagis sxangxante la versxajne pacajn celojn de la orangutano en kolerajn entreprenojn.