The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 3

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 16

opening. During the whole period I saw nothing of Augustus;
but this occasioned me little uneasiness, as I knew the brig was
expected to put to sea every hour, and in the bustle he would not easily
find opportunities of coming down to me. At length I heard the trap
open and shut, and presently he called in a low voice, asking if all was
well, and if there was any thing I wanted. “Nothing,” I replied; “I am
as comfortable as can be; when will the brig sail?” “She will be under
weigh in less than half an hour,” he answered. “I came to let you know,
and for fear you should be uneasy at my absence. I shall not have a
chance of coming down again for some time--perhaps for three or four
days more. All is going on right aboveboard. After I go up and close the
trap, do you creep along by the whipcord to where the nail is driven in.
You will find my watch there--it may be useful to you, as you have no
daylight to keep time by. I suppose you can’t tell how long you have
been buried--only three days--this is the twentieth. I would bring the
watch to your box, but am afraid of being missed.” With this he went up.

In about an hour after he had gone I distinctly felt the brig in motion,
and congratulated myself upon having at length fairly commenced a
voyage. Satisfied with this idea, I determined to make my mind as easy
as possible, and await the course of events until I should be
permitted to exchange the box for the more roomy, although hardly more
comfortable, accommodations of the cabin. My first care was to get the
watch. Leaving the taper burning, I groped along in the dark, following
the cord through windings innumerable, in some of which I discovered
that, after toiling a long distance, I was brought back within a foot or
two of a former position. At length I reached the nail, and securing the
object of my journey, returned with it in safety. I now looked over
the books which had been so thoughtfully provided, and selected the
expedition of Lewis and Clarke to the mouth of the Columbia. With this
I amused myself for some time, when, growing sleepy, I extinguished the
light with great care, and soon fell into a sound slumber.

Upon awakening I felt strangely confused in mind, and some time elapsed
before I could bring to recollection all the various circumstances of
my situation. By degrees, however,

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Text Comparison with La Murdoj de Kadavrejo-Strato

Page 0
Page 1
Tamen kalkuli ne estas en si analizi.
Page 4
En tiuj momentoj mi ne povis ne prikonscii kaj primiri (kvankam lia fertila ideismo jam pretigis min gxin supozi) apartan analizkapablon cxe Dupino.
Page 7
laux la gxenerala scio ekskluzive al iu S-rino Lespanajo kaj sxia filino Frauxlino Kamijo Lespanajo.
Page 9
PETRO MOROO, tabakisto, depozicias ke li kutimis vendi etajn kvantojn da fumtabako kaj snuftabako al S-rino Lespanajo dum preskaux kvar jaroj.
Page 13
Pluraj atestintoj, revokite, nun depoziciis ke la fumtuboj de cxiuj kvaraetagxaj cxambroj.
Page 14
Laux la opinio de S-ro Dumaso, Frauxlinon Lespanajon mortigis per strangolado homo aux homoj nekonataj.
Page 15
Iliaj entreprenoj estas senmetodaj krom la provizora metodo de la momento.
Page 16
Dupino kontrolesploris cxion, inkluzive la korpojn de la viktimoj.
Page 17
Mi atendas la alvenon de la viro cxi-tien, en cxi-tiun cxambron mem, cxiuajnmomente.
Page 18
' La Hispano 'certas' ke gxi estis vocxo de Anglo sed 'taksas entute laux la intonacio' pro tio ke '_li havas nenian konon pri la Angloj_.
Page 19
' Neniajn vortojn--neniajn vortsimilajn sonojn, iu ajn atestinto menciis kiel rekoneblajn.
Page 20
La murdistoj jes ja eskapis pere de unu el tiuj fenestroj.
Page 21
Gxi havis, mi diru, en cxiu rilato la aspekton de sia kunilo en la alia fenestro.
Page 22
Tio povas esti la jurisprudenca kutimo, sed la rezono ne funkcias tiel.
Page 23
Jen virino mortigita per mana strangolado kaj ensxovita en kamentubon kapon malsupren.
Page 24
La kapo estis fortrancxita disde la korpo kvankam la trancxilo estis ordinara razilo.
Page 25
La gigantan staturon, la mirigajn fortikon kaj agadon, la sovagxan ferocon kaj la imitkapablojn de tiuj mamuloj cxiuj konas suficxe bone.
Page 28
Bando, al kiu li anigxis, alterigxis en Borneo kaj faris interninsulan distrigxekskurson.
Page 30
Lia sagxeco havas nenian dauxrokapablon.