The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 3

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 150

hole in the soapstone (as far in as eight or ten inches),
sloping away the rock above to the height of a foot, or thereabout,
so as to allow of his driving, with the butt of a pistol, a tolerably
strong peg into the levelled surface. I then drew him up for about four
feet, when he made a hole similar to the one below, driving in a peg as
before, and having thus a resting-place for both feet and hands. I now
unfastened the handkerchiefs from the bush, throwing him the end, which
he tied to the peg in the uppermost hole, letting himself down gently
to a station about three feet lower than he had yet been that is, to the
full extent of the handkerchiefs. Here he dug another hole, and drove
another peg. He then drew himself up, so as to rest his feet in the hole
just cut, taking hold with his hands upon the peg in the one above. It
was now necessary to untie the handkerchiefs from the topmost peg, with
the view of fastening them to the second; and here he found that an
error had been committed in cutting the holes at so great a distance
apart. However, after one or two unsuccessful and dangerous attempts at
reaching the knot (having to hold on with his left hand while he labored
to undo the fastening with his right), he at length cut the string,
leaving six inches of it affixed to the peg. Tying the handkerchiefs
now to the second peg, he descended to a station below the third, taking
care not to go too far down. By these means (means which I should never
have conceived of myself, and for which we were indebted altogether to
Peters’ ingenuity and resolution) my companion finally succeeded, with
the occasional aid of projections in the cliff, in reaching the bottom
without accident.

It was some time before I could summon sufficient resolution to follow
him; but I did at length attempt it. Peters had taken off his shirt
before descending, and this, with my own, formed the rope necessary
for the adventure. After throwing down the musket found in the chasm, I
fastened this rope to the bushes, and let myself down rapidly, striving,
by the vigor of my movements, to banish the trepidation which I could
overcome in no other manner. This answered sufficiently well for the
first four or five steps; but presently I found my imagination growing
terribly excited by thoughts of the vast depths yet to be descended, and
the precarious nature of

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Text Comparison with La Murdoj de Kadavrejo-Strato

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net KLASIKAJ USONAJ NOVELOJ EDGAR ALLAN POE (1809-1849) LA MURDOJ DE KADAVREJO-STRATO Esperantigis EDWIN GROBE 1998 Eldonejo-Arizona-Stelo 1620 North Sunset Drive Tempe, Arizona 85281-1550 Usono Edgar Allan Poe "LA MURDOJ DE KADAVREJO-STRATO" Unua Eldono, Auxgusto, 1998 .
Page 2
La bezonata scio estas: _kion_ observi? Nia ludanto nepre nenie sin limigas.
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Page 5
Page 6
Mi ne atentis apartacele vian konduton, sed lastatempe observado farigxis por mi speco de neprajxo.
Page 7
laux la gxenerala scio ekskluzive al iu S-rino Lespanajo kaj sxia filino Frauxlino Kamijo Lespanajo.
Page 8
Pri S-rino Lespanajo neniaj spuroj vidigxis cxi-tie.
Page 9
Auxdis najbarojn diri ke S-rino L.
Page 12
La strida vocxo estis ege lauxta, pli lauxta ol la rauxka vocxo.
Page 13
Auxdis la koncernajn vocxojn.
Page 17
Dum tiaj kontrolesploradoj kiajn ni nun entreprenas la tauxga demando estas, ne 'Kio okazis?' sed 'Kio okazis neniam antauxe okazinta?' Efektive, la facilo per kiu mi atingos, aux jam atingis, la solvon de tiu mistero staras en senpera proporcio kun ties lauxpolice versxajna nesolvebleco.
Page 18
Vi konstatis nenion distingan, tamen estis jes ja distingajxo.
Page 19
Tial kiel? Felicxe, estas nur unu maniero rezonadi pri la temo kaj _necesas_ ke tiu maniero nin konduku al difinita decido.
Page 21
Uzante sportoterminon, mi ecx ne unu fojon 'misludis'.
Page 23
Vi vidis same kiel mi la koncernajn buklojn.
Page 24
" "Mi deziras ke vi konsideru ankaux la _brutan_ ferocon de tiuj agoj.
Page 25
En Bulonjo-Arbaro frumatene en .
Page 26
Dupino jam movigxis pordodirekten.
Page 27
" "Bedauxrinde estos devi min senhavigi je gxi," diris Dupino.
Page 30
Mi volas diri lia maniero _de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas_ (nei tion kio estas kaj klarigi tion kio ne estas).