The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 2

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 180

an age when
few children have abandoned their leading-strings, I was left to the
guidance of my own will, and became, in all but name, the master of my
own actions.

My earliest recollections of a school-life, are connected with a large,
rambling, Elizabethan house, in a misty-looking village of England,
where were a vast number of gigantic and gnarled trees, and where all
the houses were excessively ancient. In truth, it was a dream-like
and spirit-soothing place, that venerable old town. At this moment, in
fancy, I feel the refreshing chilliness of its deeply-shadowed avenues,
inhale the fragrance of its thousand shrubberies, and thrill anew
with undefinable delight, at the deep hollow note of the church-bell,
breaking, each hour, with sullen and sudden roar, upon the stillness of
the dusky atmosphere in which the fretted Gothic steeple lay imbedded
and asleep.

It gives me, perhaps, as much of pleasure as I can now in any manner
experience, to dwell upon minute recollections of the school and its
concerns. Steeped in misery as I am--misery, alas! only too real--I
shall be pardoned for seeking relief, however slight and temporary,
in the weakness of a few rambling details. These, moreover, utterly
trivial, and even ridiculous in themselves, assume, to my fancy,
adventitious importance, as connected with a period and a locality when
and where I recognise the first ambiguous monitions of the destiny which
afterwards so fully overshadowed me. Let me then remember.

The house, I have said, was old and irregular. The grounds were
extensive, and a high and solid brick wall, topped with a bed of mortar
and broken glass, encompassed the whole. This prison-like rampart formed
the limit of our domain; beyond it we saw but thrice a week--once every
Saturday afternoon, when, attended by two ushers, we were permitted to
take brief walks in a body through some of the neighbouring fields--and
twice during Sunday, when we were paraded in the same formal manner to
the morning and evening service in the one church of the village. Of
this church the principal of our school was pastor. With how deep a
spirit of wonder and perplexity was I wont to regard him from our remote
pew in the gallery, as, with step solemn and slow, he ascended the
pulpit! This reverend man, with countenance so demurely benign,
with robes so glossy and so clerically flowing, with wig so minutely
powdered, so rigid and so vast,---could this be he who, of late, with
sour visage, and in snuffy habiliments, administered, ferule in hand,
the Draconian laws of the academy? Oh, gigantic paradox, too utterly
monstrous for solution!

At an

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Origina Anglalingva Titolo "THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE" LA MURDOJ DE KADAVREJO-STRATO La mensaj kvalitoj nomigxantaj analizaj nur malmulte analizeblas en si.
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ALFONSO GARSIO, funebrajxisto, depozicias ke li logxas en Kadavrejo-Strato.
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Ambaux kusxis tiam sur la litkadra kanabajxo en la cxambro kie malkovrigxis Frauxlino L.
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Tamen, ne fidante _iliajn_ okulojn, mi kontrolis per miaj propraj okuloj.
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Kiam ni vidis ilin de malantaux la domo, ambaux estis duonapertaj--tio estas, ili elstaris orte disde la muro.
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