The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 1

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 201

light, properly so called, but a dull and sullen glow
without reflection, as if all its rays were polarized. Just before
sinking within the turgid sea, its central fires suddenly went out, as
if hurriedly extinguished by some unaccountable power. It was a dim,
sliver-like rim, alone, as it rushed down the unfathomable ocean.

We waited in vain for the arrival of the sixth day--that day to me
has not arrived--to the Swede, never did arrive. Thenceforward we were
enshrouded in patchy darkness, so that we could not have seen an object
at twenty paces from the ship. Eternal night continued to envelop us,
all unrelieved by the phosphoric sea-brilliancy to which we had been
accustomed in the tropics. We observed too, that, although the tempest
continued to rage with unabated violence, there was no longer to be
discovered the usual appearance of surf, or foam, which had hitherto
attended us. All around were horror, and thick gloom, and a black
sweltering desert of ebony.--Superstitious terror crept by degrees into
the spirit of the old Swede, and my own soul was wrapped up in silent
wonder. We neglected all care of the ship, as worse than useless, and
securing ourselves, as well as possible, to the stump of the mizen-mast,
looked out bitterly into the world of ocean. We had no means of
calculating time, nor could we form any guess of our situation. We were,
however, well aware of having made farther to the southward than any
previous navigators, and felt great amazement at not meeting with the
usual impediments of ice. In the meantime every moment threatened to be
our last--every mountainous billow hurried to overwhelm us. The swell
surpassed anything I had imagined possible, and that we were not
instantly buried is a miracle. My companion spoke of the lightness of
our cargo, and reminded me of the excellent qualities of our ship; but
I could not help feeling the utter hopelessness of hope itself, and
prepared myself gloomily for that death which I thought nothing could
defer beyond an hour, as, with every knot of way the ship made,
the swelling of the black stupendous seas became more dismally
appalling. At times we gasped for breath at an elevation beyond the
albatross--at times became dizzy with the velocity of our descent into
some watery hell, where the air grew stagnant, and no sound disturbed
the slumbers of the kraken.

We were at the bottom of one of these abysses, when a quick scream
from my companion broke fearfully upon the night. "See! see!" cried he,
shrieking in my ears, "Almighty God! see! see!"

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Text Comparison with La Murdoj de Kadavrejo-Strato

Page 1
Naux fojojn el dek estas la plej koncentrema kaj ne la plej akrapensa ludanto kiu venkas.
Page 2
Jam de longa tempo oni konscias pri la forta influo kiun vistoludo alportas al la homa kalkulpovo.
Page 4
Kun nepra _senbrideco_ mi konsentis pri liaj kuriozaj kapricoj.
Page 7
Kiam la enirintoj atingis la duan etagxon ankaux tiuj disputbruoj jam silentis kaj cxio restis en nepra sensono.
Page 9
Kredas ke S-rino L.
Page 11
Estas la patro.
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Estas Anglo.
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Nenia virino povintus trudi la .
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La gorgxo estis tratrancxita versxajne per ege akra ilo--sendube per razilo.
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"Almenaux nenion krom tio kion ni ambaux legis en la jxurnalo.
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Murdon tial efektivigis tria aro kaj la vocxoj de tiu tria aro estis la auxditaj kverelantaj vocxoj.
Page 19
Tamen '_ne scipovante tiun lingvon_,' li konvinkigxis, same kiel la Hispano, 'pro la intonacio.
Page 20
Nu, atinginte tiun konkludon en tiel nedubasenca maniero, ni ne rajtas, kiel logikistoj, gxin malakcepti pro sxajnaj malebloj.
Page 22
La tiurilata konkludo estas absurda.
Page 25
Page 26
Kial maldisponigi min pri gxi pro senkauxzaj timoj pri dangxero? Jen gxi estas, preta al mia manpreno.
Page 27
Tamen en la sekvinta momento li refalis sur sian segxon, tremegante kaj elmontrante survizagxe kvazaux la maskon de Morto mem.
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Tiel-cxi la cxaso dauxris longan tempon.
Page 29
Kiam la besto ekvidis sangon, gxia kolero pligrandigxis en deliron.
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Lebonon oni tuj liberigis post nia rakonto pri la cirkonstancoj (kun kelkaj komentoj de Dupino) cxe la buroo de Polica-Prefekto.