The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 1

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 18

lines if they please you.

"Truly yours ever,


In double proof of his earnest disposition to do the best for himself,
and of the trustful and grateful nature which has been denied him, we
give another of the only three of his notes which we chance to retain:

"FORDHAM, January 22, 1848.

"My DEAR MR. WILLIS--I am about to make an effort at re-establishing
myself in the literary world, and _feel _that I may depend upon your

"My general aim is to start a Magazine, to be called 'The Stylus,' but
it would be useless to me, even when established, if not entirely out of
the control of a publisher. I mean, therefore, to get up a journal which
shall be _my own_ at all points. With this end in view, I must get a
list of at least five hundred subscribers to begin with; nearly two
hundred I have already. I propose, however, to go South and West,
among my personal and literary friends--old college and West Point
acquaintances--and see what I can do. In order to get the means of
taking the first step, I propose to lecture at the Society Library,
on Thursday, the 3d of February, and, that there may be no cause of
_squabbling_, my subject shall _not be literary _at all. I have chosen a
broad text: 'The Universe.'

"Having thus given you _the facts_ of the case, I leave all the rest
to the suggestions of your own tact and generosity. Gratefully, _most

_"Your friend always,_


Brief and chance-taken as these letters are, we think they sufficiently
prove the existence of the very qualities denied to Mr. Poe-humility,
willingness to persevere, belief in another's friendship, and capability
of cordial and grateful friendship! Such he assuredly was when sane.
Such only

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