The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 1

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 179

arising, as we have imagined, after quitting
the thicket, (if the thicket it was), and on the road between the
thicket and the river.

"But the evidence, you will say, of Madame Deluc, (!) points especially
to the presence of a gang, in the vicinity of the thicket, at or about
the epoch of the murder. This I grant. I doubt if there were not a dozen
gangs, such as described by Madame Deluc, in and about the vicinity of
the Barrière du Roule at or about the period of this tragedy. But the
gang which has drawn upon itself the pointed animadversion, although the
somewhat tardy and very suspicious evidence of Madame Deluc, is the
only gang which is represented by that honest and scrupulous old lady
as having eaten her cakes and swallowed her brandy, without putting
themselves to the trouble of making her payment. Et hinc illæ iræ?

"But what is the precise evidence of Madame Deluc? 'A gang of miscreants
made their appearance, behaved boisterously, ate and drank without
making payment, followed in the route of the young man and girl,
returned to the inn about dusk, and recrossed the river as if in great

"Now this 'great haste' very possibly seemed greater haste in the eyes
of Madame Deluc, since she dwelt lingeringly and lamentingly upon her
violated cakes and ale--cakes and ale for which she might still have
entertained a faint hope of compensation. Why, otherwise, since it was
about dusk, should she make a point of the haste? It is no cause for
wonder, surely, that even a gang of blackguards should make haste to
get home, when a wide river is to be crossed in small boats, when storm
impends, and when night approaches.

"I say approaches; for the night had not yet arrived. It was only about
dusk that the indecent haste of these 'miscreants' offended the sober
eyes of Madame Deluc. But we are told that it was upon this very evening
that Madame Deluc, as well as her eldest son, 'heard the screams of a
female in the vicinity of the inn.' And in what words does Madame Deluc
designate the period of the evening at which these screams were heard?
'It was soon after dark,' she says. But 'soon after dark,' is, at least,
dark; and 'about dusk' is as certainly daylight. Thus it is abundantly
clear that the gang quitted the Barrière du Roule prior to the screams
overheard (?) by Madame Deluc. And although, in all the many reports of
the evidence, the relative expressions in question are distinctly and
invariably employed

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