The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 1

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 165

she any when
found? These are important questions utterly untouched by the evidence;
and there are others of equal moment, which have met with no attention.
We must endeavor to satisfy ourselves by personal inquiry. The case of
St. Eustache must be re-examined. I have no suspicion of this person;
but let us proceed methodically. We will ascertain beyond a doubt the
validity of the affidavits in regard to his whereabouts on the Sunday.
Affidavits of this character are readily made matter of mystification.
Should there be nothing wrong here, however, we will dismiss St.
Eustache from our investigations. His suicide, however corroborative of
suspicion, were there found to be deceit in the affidavits, is, without
such deceit, in no respect an unaccountable circumstance, or one which
need cause us to deflect from the line of ordinary analysis.

"In that which I now propose, we will discard the interior points of
this tragedy, and concentrate our attention upon its outskirts. Not the
least usual error, in investigations such as this, is the limiting of
inquiry to the immediate, with total disregard of the collateral or
circumstantial events. It is the mal-practice of the courts to confine
evidence and discussion to the bounds of apparent relevancy. Yet
experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a
vast, perhaps the larger portion of truth, arises from the seemingly
irrelevant. It is through the spirit of this principle, if not precisely
through its letter, that modern science has resolved to calculate upon
the unforeseen. But perhaps you do not comprehend me. The history of
human knowledge has so uninterruptedly shown that to collateral, or
incidental, or accidental events we are indebted for the most numerous
and most valuable discoveries, that it has at length become necessary,
in any prospective view of improvement, to make not only large, but the
largest allowances for inventions that shall arise by chance, and quite
out of the range of ordinary expectation. It is no longer philosophical
to base, upon what has been, a vision of what is to be. Accident is
admitted as a portion of the substructure. We make chance a matter of
absolute calculation. We subject the unlooked for and unimagined, to the
mathematical _formulae_ of the schools.

"I repeat that it is no more than fact, that the larger portion of all
truth has sprung from the collateral; and it is but in accordance with
the spirit of the principle involved in this fact, that I would divert
inquiry, in the present case, from the trodden and hitherto unfruitful
ground of the event itself, to the contemporary circumstances which

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Text Comparison with La Murdoj de Kadavrejo-Strato

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Page 2
Li rekonas karton ruzluditan per la maniero en kiu la kontrauxstaranto gxin surtablenigas.
Page 4
Efektive, la situejon de nia retirigxo mi zorge malsciigis al miaj antauxaj kunlaborantoj kaj jam de multaj jaroj Dupino cxesis gasti kaj gastigi en Parizo.
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pri Cxantijo," li diris.
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Gxis tiam vi antauxenklinigxis piedpasxante.
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Granda hxaoso malbeligis la apartamenton: rompitaj kaj flankenjxetitaj mebloj kusxis dise cxirkaux la tuta cxambro.
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La sekvinttaga jxurnalo raportis tiujn aldonajn detalojn: LA TRAGEDIO DE KADAVREJO-STRATO.
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Auxdis la vocxojn en kverelado.
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La lango estis duone tramordita.
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Cxar la fizika forto de S-rino Lespanajo nepre malsuficxintus por suprensxovi la kadavron de la filino en la kamentubon tiel kiel oni gxin malkovris.
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Se ni supozas tial ke la klaprisortoj entute samis, kiel versxajnis, _necesas_ rezulte ke malsamu la najloj, aux almenaux iliaj alfiksigxrimedoj.
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Mi spuris la sekreton gxis ties fina rezulto kaj tiu rezulto estis _la najlo_.
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Etendinte la brakon distancon de du futoj kaj duono (ni nun imagu la sxutron malfermitan plenlargxe), sxtelisto povintus enmanigi solide la lignokradajxon.
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Evidentas nenia _glitado_.
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Mi ne certas gxis kiu limo povas etendigxi lia scio.
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"Mi jes ja sciigos al vi cxion kion mi scias pri tiu-cxi afero.