The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 1

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 145

similar circumstances before,) he did not think
it necessary to keep his promise. As night drew on, Madame Rogêt (who
was an infirm old lady, seventy years of age,) was heard to express
a fear "that she should never see Marie again;" but this observation
attracted little attention at the time.

On Monday, it was ascertained that the girl had not been to the Rue des
Drômes; and when the day elapsed without tidings of her, a tardy search
was instituted at several points in the city, and its environs. It was
not, however until the fourth day from the period of disappearance that
any thing satisfactory was ascertained respecting her. On this day,
(Wednesday, the twenty-fifth of June,) a Monsieur Beauvais, (*8) who,
with a friend, had been making inquiries for Marie near the Barrière
du Roule, on the shore of the Seine which is opposite the Rue Pavée St.
Andrée, was informed that a corpse had just been towed ashore by some
fishermen, who had found it floating in the river. Upon seeing the
body, Beauvais, after some hesitation, identified it as that of the
perfumery-girl. His friend recognized it more promptly.

The face was suffused with dark blood, some of which issued from the
mouth. No foam was seen, as in the case of the merely drowned. There was
no discoloration in the cellular tissue. About the throat were bruises
and impressions of fingers. The arms were bent over on the chest and
were rigid. The right hand was clenched; the left partially open. On
the left wrist were two circular excoriations, apparently the effect
of ropes, or of a rope in more than one volution. A part of the right
wrist, also, was much chafed, as well as the back throughout its extent,
but more especially at the shoulder-blades. In bringing the body to
the shore the fishermen had attached to it a rope; but none of the
excoriations had been effected by this. The flesh of the neck was much
swollen. There were no cuts apparent, or bruises which appeared the
effect of blows. A piece of lace was found tied so tightly around the
neck as to be hidden from sight; it was completely buried in the flesh,
and was fasted by a knot which lay just under the left ear. This alone
would have sufficed to produce death. The medical testimony spoke
confidently of the virtuous character of the deceased. She had been
subjected, it said, to brutal violence. The corpse was in such condition
when found, that there could have been no difficulty in its recognition
by friends.


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