The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 1

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 115

of atomies, and thus of the theories of Epicurus;
and since, when we discussed this subject not very long ago, I mentioned
to you how singularly, yet with how little notice, the vague guesses
of that noble Greek had met with confirmation in the late nebular
cosmogony, I felt that you could not avoid casting your eyes upward to
the great _nebula_ in Orion, and I certainly expected that you would do
so. You did look up; and I was now assured that I had correctly followed
your steps. But in that bitter _tirade_ upon Chantilly, which appeared
in yesterday's '_Musée_,' the satirist, making some disgraceful
allusions to the cobbler's change of name upon assuming the buskin,
quoted a Latin line about which we have often conversed. I mean the line

Perdidit antiquum litera sonum.

"I had told you that this was in reference to Orion, formerly written
Urion; and, from certain pungencies connected with this explanation, I
was aware that you could not have forgotten it. It was clear, therefore,
that you would not fail to combine the two ideas of Orion and Chantilly.
That you did combine them I saw by the character of the smile which
passed over your lips. You thought of the poor cobbler's immolation. So
far, you had been stooping in your gait; but now I saw you draw yourself
up to your full height. I was then sure that you reflected upon the
diminutive figure of Chantilly. At this point I interrupted your
meditations to remark that as, in fact, he was a very little
fellow--that Chantilly--he would do better at the _Théâtre des

Not long after this, we were looking over an evening edition of the
"Gazette des Tribunaux," when the following paragraphs arrested our

"EXTRAORDINARY MURDERS.--This morning, about three o'clock, the
inhabitants of the Quartier St. Roch were aroused from sleep by a
succession of terrific shrieks, issuing, apparently, from the fourth
story of a house in the Rue Morgue, known to be in the sole occupancy of
one Madame L'Espanaye, and her daughter Mademoiselle Camille L'Espanaye.
After some delay, occasioned by a fruitless attempt to procure admission
in the usual manner, the gateway was broken in with a crowbar, and eight
or ten of the neighbors entered accompanied by two _gendarmes_. By this
time the cries had ceased; but, as the party rushed up the first
flight of stairs, two or more rough voices in angry contention were
distinguished and seemed to proceed from the upper part of the house.
As the second landing was reached, these sounds, also, had ceased

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POE, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New-York.
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' This, I repeat, is Mr.
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In the effort to entertain it, we proceed step beyond step--we fancy point still beyond point; and so long as we _continue_ the effort, it may be said, in fact, that we are _tending_ to the formation of the idea designed; while the strength of the impression that we actually form or have formed it, is in the ratio of the period during which we keep up the mental endeavor.
Page 18
Man neither employs, nor knows, a force sufficient to bring two atoms into contact.
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All existing bodies, of course, are composed of these atoms in proximate contact, and are therefore to be considered as mere assemblages of more or fewer differences; and the resistance made by the repulsive spirit, on bringing together any two such assemblages, would be in the ratio of the two sums of the differences in each:--an expression which, when reduced, is equivalent to this:--_The amount of electricity developed on the approximation of two bodies, is proportional to the difference between the respective sums of the atoms of which the bodies are composed.
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_ _All_ phaenomena are referable to one, or to the other, or to both combined.
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But now,--_with_ such ideas--with such a _vision_ of the marvellous complexity of Attraction fairly in his mind--let any person competent of thought on such topics as these, set himself to the task of imagining a _principle_ for the phaenomena observed--a condition from which they sprang.
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complex:--it is the extremeness of the conditions to which I now allude, rather than to the conditions themselves.
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With the understanding of a _sphere_ of atoms, however, we perceive, at once, a _satisfiable_ tendency to union.
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Certain spots in the firmament which presented, even to the most powerful of the old telescopes, the appearance of nebulosity, or haze, had been regarded for a long time as confirming the theory of Laplace.
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even these latter again having moons.
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The reasons for limitation, as I have already assigned them, _a priori_, seem to me unanswerable; but, not to speak of these, _observation_ assures us that there is, in numerous directions around us, certainly, if not in all, a positive limit--or, at the very least, affords us no basis whatever for thinking otherwise.
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In many works on Astronomy I find it distinctly stated that the laws of Kepler are _the basis_ of the great principle, Gravitation.
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I said that the distance of the Earth from the Sun being taken at _one foot_, the distance of Neptune would be 40 feet, and that of Alpha Lyrae, 159.
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But again:--in polar climates nearly the sole food afforded man is the oil of abundant seals and whales.
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to, come to an end.
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A thing is consistent in the ratio of its truth--true in the ratio of its consistency.
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Through the aid--by the means--through the agency of Matter, and by dint of its heterogeneity--is this Ether manifested--is _Spirit individualized_.
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