The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Comprising the details of a mutiny and atrocious butchery on board the American brig Grampus, on her way to the South Seas, in the month of June, 1827.

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 9

a rope to the floating timber. This rope, it
will be remembered, I had myself tied round his waist, and made fast to
a ringbolt, for the purpose of keeping him in an upright position, and
my so doing, it appeared, had been ultimately the means of preserving
his life. The Ariel was slightly put together, and in going down her
frame naturally went to pieces; the deck of the cuddy, as might be
expected, was lifted, by the force of the water rushing in, entirely
from the main timbers, and floated (with other fragments, no doubt) to
the surface--Augustus was buoyed up with it, and thus escaped a
terrible death.

It was more than an hour after being taken on board the Penguin before
he could give any account of himself, or be made to comprehend the
nature of the accident which had befallen our boat. At length he became
thoroughly aroused, and spoke much of his sensations while in the
water. Upon his first attaining any degree of consciousness, he found
himself beneath the surface, whirling round and round with
inconceivable rapidity, and with a rope wrapped in three or four folds
tightly about his neck. In an instant afterward he felt himself going
rapidly upward, when, his head striking violently against a hard
substance, he again relapsed into insensibility. Upon once more
reviving he was in fuller possession of his reason--this was still,
however, in the greatest degree clouded and confused. He now knew that
some accident had occurred, and that he was in the water, although his
mouth was above the surface, and he could breathe with some freedom.
Possibly, at this period, the deck was drifting rapidly before the
wind, and drawing him after it, as he floated upon his back. Of course,
as long as he could have retained this position, it would have been
nearly impossible that he should be drowned. Presently a surge threw
him directly athwart the deck; and this post he endeavoured to
maintain, screaming at intervals for help. Just before he was
discovered by Mr. Henderson, he had been obliged to relax his hold
through exhaustion, and, falling into the sea, had given himself up for
lost. During the whole period of his struggles he had not the faintest
recollection of the Ariel, nor of any matters in connexion with the
source of his disaster. A vague feeling of terror and despair had taken
entire possession of his faculties. When he was finally picked up,
every power of his mind had failed him; and, as before said, it was
nearly an hour after getting on board

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Εκάμαμεν ό,τι λογικώς μας Ï Ï€Î­Î²Î±Î»ÎµÎ½ η φιλανθρωπία.
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Μη πιστεύετε τίποτε από ό,τι ακούετε να σας διηγούνται, να μη πιστεύετε δε το Î®Î¼Î¹ÏƒÏ Î±Ï€ÏŒ ό,τι βλέπετε με τα ιδικά σας μάτια.
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Με μίαν λέξιν εις το ντύσιμο ÏŒÎ»Î¿Ï Î±Ï Ï„Î¿Ï Ï„Î¿Ï ÎºÏŒÏƒÎ¼Î¿Ï Î´Î¹ÎµÎºÏÎ¯Î½ÎµÏ„Î¿ μία τοιαύτη τάσις εκκεντρικότητος, ώστε επανήλθον εις τας πρώτας ιδέας επί Ï„Î¿Ï Ï€ÎµÏÎ¹Ï†Î®Î¼Î¿Ï ÏƒÏ ÏƒÏ„Î®Î¼Î±Ï„Î¿Ï‚ της πραότητος και ηρώτων ÎµÎ¼Î±Ï Ï„ÏŒÎ½ μήπως ο κ.
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Εννοείτε; — Αναμφιβόλως, είπα, αναμφιβόλως.
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Ï„Î¿Ï Î³Î·ÏÎ±Î¹Î¿Ï κτήματος, ÏƒÏ Î³ÎºÏÎ±Ï„Î¿ÏÎ¼ÎµÎ½Î¿Î½ από Ï„Î¿Ï Ï„ÎµÎ¯Ï‡Î¿Ï Ï‚ Ï„Î¿Ï Ï€ÏÏÎ³Î¿Ï .
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Και πάλιν.
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Και Î±Ï Ï„Î® η βιαία τάσις διά να κάμωμεν το κακόν από την αγάπην προς το κακόν δεν δέχεται την Î±Î½Î¬Î»Ï ÏƒÎ¹Î½.
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Η Î´Î¹ÎµÏ Î¸Î­Ï„Î·Ï„Î·ÏƒÎ¹Ï‚ της σάλας αφέθη εις την επίβλεψιν της Τριπέττας· αλλά διά μερικάς λεπτομερείας ωδηγήθη, καθώς.
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Ο καμπούρης έρριψε την δάδα και εσκαρφάλωσε με επιτηδειότητα ως την οροφήν διά της οπής, διά της οποίας εξηφανίσθη.
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Ιδού λοιπόν τώρα ό,τι Î¼Î¿Ï Ï Ï€Î¿Î»ÎµÎ¯Ï€ÎµÏ„Î±Î¹ να διηγηθώ, βγαλμένο από τας ιδικάς Î¼Î¿Ï Î±Î½Î±Î¼Î½Î®ÏƒÎµÎ¹Ï‚ — από την θετικήν και προσωπικήν πείραν Î¼Î¿Ï .
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Και τότε η ελπίς επέταξε διά πάντοτε, και μία απελπισία κατά το μάλλον και μάλλον οξεία ÎµÎ²Î±ÏƒÎ¯Î»ÎµÏ ÏƒÎµ Î¸ÏÎ¹Î±Î¼Î²ÎµÏ Ï„Î¹ÎºÏŽÏ‚, διότι ήμην πολύ αγανακτημένος, παρατηρήσας ότι έλειπε το μαλακόν στρώμα Ï€Î¿Ï Ï„ÏŒÏƒÎ¿Î½ επιμελώς προετοίμασα, και επί πλέον έφθασεν εις Ï„Î¿Ï Ï‚ ρώθωνάς Î¼Î¿Ï Î· φρικώδης και χαρακτηριστική οσμή Ï„Î¿Ï Ï Î³ÏÎ¿Ï ÎµÎ´Î¬Ï†Î¿Ï Ï‚.
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Ένας από Ï„Î¿Ï Ï‚ Ï Ï€Î±ÏƒÏ€Î¹ÏƒÏ„Î¬Ï‚ Ï„Î¿Ï Ï€ÏÎ¿Î­Ï„ÎµÎ¹Î½Îµ να μεταμορφωθή, με πέντε Î¬Î»Î»Î¿Ï Ï‚ Ï†ÎµÎ¿Ï Î´Î¬ÏÏ‡Î±Ï‚, εις Î±Î³ÏÎ¯Î¿Ï Ï‚, διά να Ï€ÏÎ¿ÎºÎ±Î»Î­ÏƒÎ¿Ï Î½ έκπληξιν εις τας ÎºÏ ÏÎ¯Î±Ï‚.