The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Comprising the details of a mutiny and atrocious butchery on board the American brig Grampus, on her way to the South Seas, in the month of June, 1827.

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 86

we could devise for the terrific lottery, in which we were to
take each a chance, was that of drawing straws. Small splinters of wood
were made to answer our purpose, and it was agreed that I should be the
holder. I retired to one end of the hulk, while my poor companions
silently took up their station in the other with their backs turned
towards me. The bitterest anxiety which I endured at any period of this
fearful drama was while I occupied myself in the arrangement of the
lots. There are few conditions into which man can possibly fall where
he will not feel a deep interest in the preservation of his existence;
an interest momentarily increasing with the frailness of the tenure by
which that existence may be held. But now that the silent, definite,
and stern nature of the business in which I was engaged (so different
from the tumultuous dangers of the storm or the gradually approaching
horrors of famine) allowed me to reflect on the few chances I had of
escaping the most appalling of deaths--a death for the most appalling
of purposes--every particle of that energy which had so long buoyed me
up departed like feathers before the wind, leaving me a helpless prey
to the most abject and pitiable terror. I could not, at first, even
summon up sufficient strength to tear and fit together the small
splinters of wood, my fingers absolutely refusing their office, and my
knees knocking violently against each other. My mind ran over rapidly a
thousand absurd projects by which to avoid becoming a partner in the
awful speculation. I thought of falling on my knees to my companions,
and entreating them to let me escape this necessity; of suddenly
rushing upon them, and, by putting one of them to death, of rendering
the decision by lot useless--in short, of everything but of going
through with the matter I had in hand. At last, after wasting a long
time in this imbecile conduct, I was recalled to my senses by the voice
of Parker, who urged me to relieve them at once from the terrible
anxiety they were enduring. Even then I could not bring myself to
arrange the splinters upon the spot, but thought over every species of
finesse by which I could trick some one of my fellow-sufferers to draw
the short straw, as it had been agreed that whoever drew the shortest
of four splinters from my hand was to die for the preservation of the
rest. Before any one condemn me for this apparent heartlessness, let
him be

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Text Comparison with Ιστορίες αλλόκοτες

Page 12
Δεν άφησε κανένα επισκέπτην να εισέλθη, εκτός ενός Î½Î­Î¿Ï , Ï„Î¿Ï Î¿Ï€Î¿Î¯Î¿Ï Ï„Î¿ αρκετά βλακώδες πρόσωπον δεν ημπορούσε να Ï„Î¿Ï ÎµÎ¼Ï€Î½ÎµÏÏƒÎ· την ελαχίστην Î±Î½Î·ÏƒÏ Ï‡Î¯Î±Î½.
Page 16
Εις τας επανειλημμένας και πεισματώδεις προσπαθείας προς αναζωπύρησιν της μνήμης Î¼Î¿Ï , εις την Î´Î¹Î¬Ï€Ï ÏÎ¿Î½ επιμονήν προς Ï€ÎµÏÎ¹ÏƒÏ Î»Î»Î¿Î³Î®Î½ μερικών ρακών από την φαινομενικήν ταύτην κατάστασιν της εκμηδενίσεως, εις ην η ÏˆÏ Ï‡Î® Î¼Î¿Ï ÎµÎ¯Ï‡Îµ κατακρημνισθή, Ï Ï€Î®ÏÎ¾Î±Î½ στιγμαί κατά τας οποίας ωνειρεύθην την ÎµÏ€Î¹Ï„Ï Ï‡Î¯Î±Î½.
Page 20
Το νερό θα είχε ναρκωτικόν μέσα, διότι μόλις το ήπια κατελήφθην από ακαταμάχητον ύπνον.
Page 22
Εις το τέλος Î²Î±ÏÏ Î½Î¸ÎµÎ¯Ï‚ το να Ï€Î±ÏÎ±ÎºÎ¿Î»Î¿Ï Î¸ÏŽ την μονότονον κίνησίν Ï„Î¿Ï ÎµÎ¾Î®Ï„Î±ÏƒÎ± τα λοιπά αντικείμενα Ï„Î¿Ï ÎºÎµÎ»Î»Î¯Î¿Ï .
Page 30
Τα στρέφει προς μίαν Î´Î¹ÎµÏÎ¸Ï Î½ÏƒÎ¹Î½ παραδόξως διάφορον.
Page 33
Από το γεγονός Î±Ï Ï„ÏŒ και από την κόπωσιν, η οποία ήτο ζωγραφισμένη εις τα χαρακτηριστικά Ï„Î¿Ï Ï†Î¯Î»Î¿Ï Î¼Î¿Ï , ÏƒÏ Î½ÎµÏ€Î­ÏÎ±Î½Î± ότι ούτος δεν ήγγισε την κλίνην Ï„Î¿Ï Ï„Î·Î½ Ï€ÏÎ¿Î·Î³Î¿Ï Î¼Î­Î½Î·Î½ νύκτα.
Page 36
Από το μέλλον Î¼Î¿Ï Ï†Ï‰Î½Î¬Î¶ÎµÎ¹ μια φωνή : — Εμπρός! — Αλλά προς το Παρελθόν — ερεβώδη Î¬Î²Ï ÏƒÏƒÎ¿Î½ — το πνεύμα Î¼Î¿Ï Ï€Ï„ÎµÏÏ Î³Î¯Î¶ÎµÎ¹, σιωπηλόν, ακίνητον, Î»Ï Ï€Î·Î¼Î­Î½Î¿Î½.
Page 37
— Εμπρός! είπεν αποτόμως.
Page 38
Η χειρ Î¼Î¿Ï Ï„ÏŒÏ„Îµ σκούντησε ένα σπασμένο και Î¼Î±Ï ÏÎ¹ÏƒÎ¼Î­Î½Î¿ ποτήρι και αιφνιδίως ολόκληρος η τρομερά αλήθεια έλαμψε προ των οφθαλμών Î¼Î¿Ï .
Page 39
Page 51
Αναγκάζεται να μεταχειρισθή βίαν διά να της απαγορεύση την δίοδον· φοβείται και θα ήθελε να Ï€ÏÎ¿Ï†Ï Î»Î±Ï‡Î¸Î® την αγανάκτησιν Ï„Î¿Ï Î±ÎºÏÎ¿Î±Ï„Î¿Ï.
Page 53
— Εγνώριζα εξ Î¬Î»Î»Î¿Ï ÏŒÏ„Î¹ το δωμάτιόν της ήτο πνικτικόν και κακώς αερισμένον.
Page 57
Αλλ' ο βασιλεύς αγαπούσε τας χονδράς φάρσας, και δι' ατομικήν Ï„Î¿Ï ÎµÏ Ï‡Î±ÏÎ¯ÏƒÏ„Î·ÏƒÎ¹Î½ έδωκε να πίη ο Χοπ-Φρωγκ .
Page 58
Χα! χα! χα! Και σαν να ήτο Î±Ï Ï„ÏŒ Î¸Î±Ï Î¼Î¬ÏƒÎ¹Î± λέξις, όλοι οι επτά εξηκολούθησαν εν χορώ τα γέλοια.
Page 59
Η ομοιότης θα είναι τόσον καταπληκτική, ώστε οι μασκαρεμένοι θα σας ÎµÎºÎ»Î¬Î²Î¿Ï Î½ ως πραγματικά ζώα και, Ï†Ï ÏƒÎ¹ÎºÎ¬, θα Ï„ÏÎ¿Î¼Î¬Î¾Î¿Ï Î½ τόσον, όσον και θα εκπλαγούν.
Page 62
Α! Α! τώρα αρχίζω να βλέπω ποίοι είναι Î±Ï Ï„Î¿Î¯ εδώ οι άνθρωποι.
Page 66
Το είδα κατά τρόπον τελείως καθαρόν, ολογάλανο, από ένα ξέθωρο γαλανόχρωμα με την αθλίαν δέσμην φωτός Ï€Î¿Ï Î±Ï€ÎµÎ´Î¯Î´ÎµÏ„Î¿ εξ Î±Ï Ï„Î¿Ï και ένοιωσα να παγώνη το Î¼Ï Î±Î»ÏŒ εις τα κόκκαλά Î¼Î¿Ï .
Page 67
το μέρος της καρδιάς και το εκράτησα έτσι επί τινα λεπτά.
Page 68
Έγεινεν Î¹ÏƒÏ‡Ï ÏÏŒÏ„ÎµÏÎ¿Ï‚, Î¹ÏƒÏ‡Ï ÏÏŒÏ„ÎµÏÎ¿Ï‚, &ακόμη Î¹ÏƒÏ‡Ï ÏÏŒÏ„ÎµÏÎ¿Ï‚&.
Page 73
Η ημέρα εχάραζεν.