The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Comprising the details of a mutiny and atrocious butchery on board the American brig Grampus, on her way to the South Seas, in the month of June, 1827.

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 58

he could utter a
single cry, tossed him over the bulwarks. He then called to us, and we
came up. Our first precaution was to look about for something with
which to arm ourselves, and in doing this we had to proceed with great
care, for it was impossible to stand on deck an instant without holding
fast, and violent seas broke over the vessel at every plunge forward.
It was indispensable, too, that we should be quick in our operations,
for every minute we expected the mate to be up to set the pumps going,
as it was evident the brig must be taking in water very fast. After
searching about for some time, we could find nothing more fit for our
purpose than the two pump-handles, one of which Augustus took, and I
the other. Having secured these, we stripped off the shirt of the
corpse and dropped the body overboard. Peters and myself then went
below, leaving Augustus to watch upon deck, where he took his station
just where Allen had been placed, and with his back to the cabin
companion-way, so that, if any one of the mate's gang should come up,
he might suppose it was the watch.

As soon as I got below I commenced disguising myself so as to represent
the corpse of Rogers. The shirt which we had taken from the body aided
us very much, for it was of a singular form and character, and easily
recognisable--a kind of smock, which the deceased wore over his other
clothing. It was a blue stockinett, with large white stripes running
across. Having put this on, I proceeded to equip myself with a false
stomach, in imitation of the horrible deformity of the swollen corpse.
This was soon effected by means of stuffing with some bedclothes. I
then gave the same appearance to my hands by drawing on a pair of white
woollen mittens, and filling them in with any kind of rags that offered
themselves. Peters then arranged my face, first rubbing it well over
with white chalk, and afterward splotching it with blood, which he took
from a cut in his finger. The streak across the eye was not forgotten,
and presented a most shocking appearance.


As I viewed myself in a fragment of looking-glass which hung up in the
cabin, and by the dim light of a kind of battle-lantern, I was so
impressed with a sense of vague awe at my appearance, and at the
recollection of the terrific reality which I was thus representing,
that I was seized with a violent tremour, and

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Kaj korpo kaj kapo estis horore mutilitaj, precipe la korpo kiu neniel similis homan estajxon.
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Ne sukcesis malcxifri la eldiritajxon sed opiniis ke temis pri la Hispana lingvo.
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Ne sukcesis rekoni la eldiritajn vortojn.
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La fenestroj, kaj de la malantauxa kaj de la antauxa cxambroj, estis fermitaj kaj solide fiksitaj de interne.
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La vocxon unu atestinto priskribas kiel 'raspan, ne stridan'.
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Mi spuris la sekreton gxis ties fina rezulto kaj tiu rezulto estis _la najlo_.
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La tiurilata konkludo estas absurda.
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" "Mi deziras tial forigi el viaj pensadoj la eraregan _motiv_-teorion naskigitan en la cerboj de la policanoj per tiu parto de la indicaro parolanta pri mono liverita cxe la dompordo.
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