The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Comprising the details of a mutiny and atrocious butchery on board the American brig Grampus, on her way to the South Seas, in the month of June, 1827.

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 51

with the mutineers on a kind of exploring and pleasure voyage in
those quarters, and said that the men were gradually coming over to the
mate's views. To this Augustus thought it best to reply that he would
be glad to go on such an adventure, since nothing better could be done,
and that anything was preferable to a piratical life.

_July 4th._ The vessel in sight proved to be a small brig from
Liverpool, and was allowed to pass unmolested. Augustus spent most of
his time on deck, with a view of obtaining all the information in his
power respecting the intentions of the mutineers. They had frequent and
violent quarrels among themselves, in one of which a harpooner, Jim
Bonner, was thrown overboard. The party of the mate was gaining ground.
Jim Bonner belonged to the cook's gang, of which Peters was a partisan.

_July 5th._ About daybreak there came on a stiff breeze from the west,
which at noon freshened into a gale, so that the brig could carry
nothing more than her trysail and foresail. In taking in the
foretopsail, Simms, one of the common hands, and belonging also to the
cook's gang, fell overboard, being very much in liquor, and was
drowned--no attempt being made to save him. The whole number of persons
on board was now thirteen, to wit: Dirk Peters; Seymour, the black
cook; ---- Jones; ---- Greely; Hartman Rogers; and William Allen, of
the cook's party; the mate, whose name I never learned; Absalom Hicks;
---- Wilson; John Hunt; and Richard Parker, of the mate's
party--besides Augustus and myself.

_July 6th._ The gale lasted all this day, blowing in heavy squalls,
accompanied with rain. The brig took in a good deal of water through
her seams, and one of the pumps was kept continually going, Augustus
being forced to take his turn. Just at twilight a large ship passed
close by us, without having been discovered until within hail. This
ship was supposed to be the one for which the mutineers were on the
look-out. The mate hailed her, but the reply was drowned in the roaring
of the gale. At eleven, a sea was shipped amid-ships, which tore away a
great portion of the larboard bulwarks, and did some other slight
damage. Towards morning the weather moderated, and at sunrise there was
very little wind.

_July 7th._ There was a heavy swell running all this day, during which
the brig, being light, rolled excessively, and many articles broke
loose in the hold, as I could hear distinctly from my hiding-place. I
suffered a great deal from sea-sickness. Peters

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