The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Comprising the details of a mutiny and atrocious butchery on board the American brig Grampus, on her way to the South Seas, in the month of June, 1827.

By Edgar Allan Poe

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but, as there was now a thick
fog in our favour, it was agreed to lose no time in secreting me.
Augustus led the way to the wharf, and I followed at a little distance,
enveloped in a thick seaman's cloak, which he had brought with him, so
that my person might not be easily recognised. Just as we turned the
second corner, after passing Mr. Edmund's well, who should appear,
standing right in front of me, and looking me full in the face, but old
Mr. Peterson, my grandfather. "Why, bless my soul, Gordon," said he,
after a long pause, "why, why--_whose_ dirty cloak is that you have
on?" "Sir!" I replied, assuming, as well as I could, in the exigency of
the moment, an air of offended surprise, and talking in the gruffest of
all imaginable tones--"sir! you are a sum'mat mistaken--my name, in the
first place, bee'nt nothing at all like Goddin, and I'd want you for to
know better, you blackguard, than to call my new obercoat a darty one!"
For my life I could hardly refrain from screaming with laughter at the
odd manner in which the old gentleman received this handsome rebuke. He
started back two or three steps, turned first pale and then excessively
red, threw up his spectacles, then, putting them down, ran full tilt at
me, with his umbrella uplifted. He stopped short, however, in his
career, as if struck with a sudden recollection; and presently, turning
round, hobbled off down the street, shaking all the while with rage,
and muttering between his teeth, "Won't do--new glasses--thought it was
Gordon--d----d good-for-nothing salt water Long Tom."

After this narrow escape we proceeded with greater caution, and arrived
at our point of destination in safety. There were only one or two of
the hands on board, and these were busy forward, doing something to the
forecastle combings. Captain Barnard, we knew very well, was engaged at
Lloyd and Vredenburgh's, and would remain there until late in the
evening, so we had little to apprehend on his account. Augustus went
first up the vessel's side, and in a short while I followed him,
without being noticed by the men at work. We proceeded at once into the
cabin, and found no person there. It was fitted up in the most
comfortable style--a thing somewhat unusual in a whaling-vessel. There
were four very excellent staterooms, with wide and convenient berths.
There was also a large stove, I took notice, and a remarkably thick and
valuable carpet covering the floor of both the cabin and staterooms.
The ceiling was full seven feet

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word since casting loose from the wharf.
Page 5
As might have been expected, it flew over the bows, and, getting drenched with water, carried away the mast short off by the board.
Page 10
This short period proved amply long enough to erase from my memory the shadows, and bring out in vivid light all the pleasurably exciting points of colour, all the picturesqueness of the late perilous accident.
Page 17
I could not imagine a reason for the absence of Augustus.
Page 18
In another instant there burst from his red throat a roar like the thunder of the firmament, and I fell impetuously to the earth.
Page 19
It was he.
Page 22
It did not rise as soon as I had expected, and I pressed it with somewhat more determination, still dreading lest some other person than Augustus might be in his stateroom.
Page 26
Having got, after a long search, a small piece of the note, I put it to the dog's nose, and endeavoured to make him understand that he must bring me the rest of it.
Page 27
in a large hand, and apparently in red ink, became distinctly visible.
Page 40
There could be no doubt, from his behaviour, that he was aware of my being in the hold, and Augustus thought it possible that he would be able to get to me if he put him down.
Page 43
Overcome now by his feelings, he threw himself among the lumber in despair, and wept like a child.
Page 50
The brig was still cruising for the vessel from the Cape Verds, and a sail was now in sight which was thought to be the one in question.
Page 52
A sail was thrummed, and got under the bows, which aided us in some measure, so that we began to gain upon the leak.
Page 56
of the waves.
Page 67
The brig was a mere log, rolling about at the mercy of every wave; the gale was upon the increase, if anything, blowing indeed a complete hurricane, and there appeared to us no earthly prospect of deliverance.
Page 75
We rushed aft, when, suddenly, a wide yaw threw her off full five or six points from the course she had been running, and, as she passed under our stern at the distance of about twenty feet, we had a full view of her decks.
Page 77
The pangs of hunger and thirst then returned, absorbing all other cares and considerations.
Page 115
" My own experience will be found to testify most directly to the falsity of the conclusion arrived at by the society.
Page 127
The largest of these creatures resembled our common hog in the structure of the body and snout; the tail, however, was bushy, and the legs slender as.
Page 129
Too-wit seated himself on the leaves, and made signs that we should follow his example.