Ligeia und andere Novellen; Sieben Gedichte

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 67

den Dunstsumpf von Auber --
Dieses spukhafte Waldland von Weir.«



Hört der Schlittenglocken Klang --
Welche Welt von Lustigkeit verheißt ihr heller Sang!
Wie sie klingen, klingen, klingen
In die Nacht voll Schnee und Eis,
Während sprüh die Sterne springen,
Zwinkernd sich zum Reigen schlingen
Im kristallnen Himmelskreis:
Halten Schritt, Schritt, Schritt,
Tanzen Runenrhythmen mit
Zu der kleinen klaren Glocken süßem Singesang,
Zu dem Klang, Klang, Klang, Klang,
Klang, Klang, Klang --
Zu dem Singen und dem Schwingen in dem Klang.


Hört der Hochzeitsglocken Klang --
Goldnen Klang!
Welche Welt von Seligkeit verheißt ihr voller Sang!
Wie ihr Läuten lauter lacht
Durch den Balsamduft der Nacht!
Aus dem holden goldnen Schwall,
Wie altgewohnt,
Fliegen leicht die Töne all
Hin zur Turteltaube, die beim frohen Schall
Schielt zum Mond.
O wie schwillt im Überschwang
Ein Guß von hohem Feierklang so voll die Nacht entlang!
Hochgesang --
Auf der Zukunft heitern Gang!

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Text Comparison with Eureka: A Prose Poem

Page 8
Let it not be urged that an exception from the general rule is to be made, in cases where the 'impossibility to conceive' is so peculiarly great as when we are called upon to conceive a tree _both_ a tree and _not_ a tree.
Page 12
" The quibble, as before, lies in the word "difficulty"--but _here_ what is it employed to sustain? A First Cause.
Page 13
To solve it, indeed, he makes no effort; for with a rapid instinct he comprehends, not only the impossibility, but, as regards all human purposes, the _inessentiality_, of its solution.
Page 14
This latter, then, let us regard as "_a sphere of which the centre is everywhere, the circumference nowhere_.
Page 22
" I mean to assert that the merely _sensitive perception_ of gravity as we experience it on Earth, beguiles mankind into the fancy of _concentralization_ or _especiality_ respecting it--has been continually biasing towards this fancy even the mightiest intellects--perpetually, although imperceptibly, leading them away from the real characteristics of the principle; thus preventing them, up to this date, from ever getting a glimpse of that vital truth which lies in a diametrically opposite direction--behind the principle's _essential_ characteristics--those, _not_ of concentralization or especiality--but of _universality_ and _diffusion_.
Page 23
But now,--_with_ such ideas--with such a _vision_ of the marvellous complexity of Attraction fairly in his mind--let any person competent of thought on such topics as these, set himself to the task of imagining a _principle_ for the phaenomena observed--a condition from which they sprang.
Page 29
But even in the merely general equability of distribution, as regards the atoms, there appears a difficulty which, no doubt, has already suggested itself to those among my readers who have borne in mind that I suppose this equability of distribution effected through _irradiation from a centre_.
Page 32
The absolute, irrelative particle primarily created by the Volition of God, must have been in a condition of positive _normality_, or rightfulness--for wrongfulness implies _relation_.
Page 59
looking _from_ the Galaxy, we see in the general sky, are, in fact, but a portion of that Galaxy itself, and as closely intermingled with it as any of the telescopic points in what seems the densest portion of its mass--so are the scattered "nebulae" which, on casting our eyes _from_ the Universal _belt_, we perceive at all points of the firmament--so, I say, are these scattered "nebulae" to be understood as only perspectively scattered, and as part and parcel of the one supreme and Universal _sphere_.
Page 60
The human brain has obviously a leaning to the "_Infinite_," and fondles the phantom of the idea.
Page 62
or the Sun about the common centre--as circles in an accurate sense.
Page 66
An inhabitant of the latter, travelling 90 miles a day, would be more than 80 years in going round a great circle of its circumference.
Page 68
_No_ parallax--none whatever--has been found.
Page 72
of adaptation_.
Page 77
In a word, we see every thing as we _should_ see it were a collapse taking place; but, in general, it may be said of these clusters, that we can fairly entertain, while looking at them, the idea of _orbitual movement about a centre_, only by admitting the _possible_ existence, in the distant domains of space, of dynamical laws with which _we_ are unacquainted.
Page 79
Thus it happened that, on announcement of the gradual and perfectly regular decrease observed in the orbit of Enck's comet, at every successive revolution about our Sun, astronomers were nearly unanimous in the opinion that the cause in question was found--that a principle was discovered sufficient to account, physically, for that final, universal agglomeration which, I repeat, the analogical, symmetrical or poetical instinct of Man had predetermined to understand as something more than a simple hypothesis.
Page 86
All these creatures--_all_--those which you term animate, as well as those to whom you deny life for no better reason than that you do not behold it in operation--_all_ these creatures have, in a greater or less degree, a capacity for pleasure and for pain:--_but the general sum of their sensations is precisely that amount of Happiness which appertains by right to the Divine Being when concentrated within Himself_.
Page 92
With an Introduction, by Francis Lieber, LL.
Page 94
By Richard Ford.
Page 99