La Murdoj de Kadavrejo-Strato

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 20

restas al ni nur la fenestroj.
Pere de tiuj de la fasadflanka cxambro neniu povintus eskapi sen
ke la surstrata homamaso lin rimarku. Lauxnecese tial la murdistoj
trapasis tiujn de la malantauxflanka cxambro. Nu, atinginte tiun
konkludon en tiel nedubasenca maniero, ni ne rajtas, kiel logikistoj,
gxin malakcepti pro sxajnaj malebloj. Nur restas al ni pruvi ke tiuj
sxajnaj malebloj estas, verfakte, eblaj."

"Estas du fenestroj en la cxambro. Unu el ili entute videblas
cxar gxin obstrukcas neniaj mebloj. La malsupra parto de la alia
malvideblas cxar la kapo de la malfacile manipulebla litkadro
estas sxovita kontraux gxin. La unua fenestro trovigxis en sekura,
de interne fermita stato. Gxi kontrauxstaris la nepran potencon
de cxiuj entreprenintaj gxin suprenlevi. Granda boriletotruo
trapenetris ties kadron maldekstraflanke kaj solidega najlo gxin
ensidis, tien ensxovite preskaux gxiskape. Kontrolado pri la alia
fenestro sciigis ke simila najlo simile enfiksigxis en gxi kaj ankaux
malsukcesis vigla klopodo suprenlevi tiun klapon. La polico nun plene
konvinkigxis ke elirvojo nepre ne ekzistis en tiuj direktoj. _Tial_,
oni finopiniis ke sencele estus eltiri la najlojn kaj malfermi la

"Mia propra kontrolesploro estis iom pli partikulara kaj pro la kialo
kiun mi jxus citis, cxar cxi-tie, _necesis_, mi certis, ke cxiuj
sxajnaj malebloj finestigxu eblaj."

"Mi komencis pensadi jene, _a posteriori_, tio estas, indukte. La
murdistoj jes ja eskapis pere de unu el tiuj fenestroj. Se tio
veras, ili ne povintus refiksi la klapojn de interne tiel kiel tiuj
trovigxis fiksite--konsiderajxo cxesiginta, pro ties memklaro,
la kontroladon entreprenitan de la polico en tiu areo. Tamen la
fenestroklapoj estis _jes ja_ fiksitaj. _Necesis_ tial ke ili havu la
kapablon sin fiksi. La konkludo neniel eviteblis."

"Mi alpasxis la senobstrukcan fenestron, eltiris iom malfacile la
najlon, kaj entreprenis levi la klapon. Kiel mi jam antauxsupozis,
gxi rezistis cxiujn klopodojn miajn. Mi nun konsciis ke devas
ekzisti kasxita risorto. Tiu konfirmo pri mia ideo konvinkis min ke
almenaux miaj hipotezoj estis gxustaj, kiom ajn misteraj sxajnis la
cirkonstancoj rilatantaj al la najloj. Zorga enketo baldaux malkovris
la kasxitan risorton. Mi premis gxin, kaj kontenta pri la malkovro,
elektis ne levi la klapon."

"Mi nun remetis la najlon kaj gxin rigardis atente. Homo
eksterenpasinta tra tiu fenestro povintus gxin refermi eble kaj la
risorto realfiksigxintus, sed tiu ne povintus remeti la najlon.
La konkludo estis klara kaj denove mallargxigis la areon de mia
esplorkampo. _Lauxnecese_ la murdintoj forfugxis pere de la alia
fenestro. Se ni supozas tial ke la klaprisortoj entute samis, kiel
versxajnis, _necesas_ rezulte ke malsamu la najloj, aux almenaux
iliaj alfiksigxrimedoj. Surgrimpinte la saksxtofon de la litkadro,
mi rigardis zorgege super ties kaptabulon la duan fenestroklapon.
Malsupreniginte la manon malantaux la tabulo, mi tuj trovis kaj
premis la

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Text Comparison with The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Comprising the details of a mutiny and atrocious butchery on board the American brig Grampus, on her way to the South Seas, in the month of June, 1827.

Page 1
Thomas W.
Page 12
In pursuance of my scheme of deception, I was necessarily obliged to leave much to the management of Augustus, who was employed for the greater part of every day on board the Grampus, attending to some arrangements for his father in the cabin and cabin hold.
Page 20
Getting now hold of the watch, I found, upon applying it to my ear, that it had again run down; but at this I was not at all surprised, being convinced, from the peculiar state of my feelings, that I had slept, as before, for a very long period of time; how long, it was of course impossible to say.
Page 28
The sausages were entirely consumed; of the ham nothing remained but a small piece of the skin; and all the biscuit, except a few fragments of one, had been eaten by Tiger.
Page 30
In this struggle, however, I had been forced to drop the morsel of ham-skin, and I now found my whole stock of provisions reduced to a single gill of liqueur.
Page 34
But it seemed that the villains were now either weary, or in some measure disgusted with their bloody labour; for the four remaining prisoners, together with my friend, who had been thrown on the deck with the rest, were respited while the mate sent below for rum, and the whole murderous party held a drunken carouse, which lasted until sunset.
Page 37
Dirk Peters treated him with some degree of kindness, and on one occasion saved him from the brutality of the cook.
Page 44
Add to these considerations that of the scene of bloodshed and terror so lately witnessed by my friend; his confinement, privations, and narrow escapes from death; together with the frail and equivocal tenure by which he still existed--circumstances all so well calculated to prostrate every energy of mind--and the reader will be easily brought, as I have been, to regard his apparent falling off in friendship and in faith with sentiments rather of sorrow than of anger.
Page 45
With this end, great attention must be paid, not.
Page 71
Our chief sufferings were now those of hunger and thirst, and, when we looked forward to the means of relief in this respect, our hearts sunk within us, and we were induced to regret that we had escaped the less dreadful perils of the sea.
Page 79
I now found myself, as it were, alone in the brig, and my reflections, to be sure, were of the most fearful and gloomy nature.
Page 89
By noon, feeling somewhat strengthened and refreshed, we again renewed our attempt at getting up provision, Peters and myself going down alternately, and always with more or less success, until sundown.
Page 98
The difficulty, however, of now obtaining water blinded us to all the benefits of the change in our condition.
Page 123
Upon raising his eyes and seeing his reflected self in the glass, I thought the savage would go mad; but, upon turning short round to make a retreat, and beholding himself a second time in the opposite direction, I was afraid he would expire upon the spot.
Page 124
We saw no disposition to thievery among them, nor did we miss a single article after their departure.
Page 134
We had agreed, however, to pay a formal visit of leavestaking to the village, and Too-wit insisted so pertinaciously upon our keeping the promise, that we did not think it advisable to run the risk of offending him by a final refusal.
Page 135
The general width was about forty feet, and occasionally it diminished so as not to allow the passage of more than five or six persons abreast.
Page 140
The whole country around us seemed to be swarming with savages, crowds of whom, we now perceived, had come over from the islands to the southward on flat rafts, doubtless.
Page 141
The four canoes,.
Page 151
I then drew him up for about four feet, when he made a hole similar to the one below, driving in a peg as before, and having thus a resting-place for both feet and hands.