Derniers Contes

By Edgar Allan Poe

Page 38

ecrit; mais comme il ne pouvait m'offrir que cinquante guinees
la feuille, je crus qu'il valait mieux en faire profiter notre societe,
que de le sacrifier pour une somme aussi chetive. Malgre sa lesinerie,
M. Blackwood me temoigna d'ailleurs toute sa consideration, et me traita
veritablement avec la plus grande civilite. Les paroles qu'il m'adressa
a mon depart firent sur mon coeur une profonde impression, et je m'en
souviendrai toujours, je l'espere, avec reconnaissance.

"Ma chere miss Zenobia," me dit-il, des larmes dans les yeux, "y a-t-il
encore quelque chose que je puisse faire pour aider au succes de votre
louable entreprise? Laissez-moi reflechir! Il est bien possible que vous
ne puissiez a votre convenance vous ... vous noyer, ou etouffer d'un os
de poulet, ou etre pendue ou mordue par un ... Mais attendez! J'y pense:
il y a dans ma cour deux excellents boule-dogues--des droles distingues,
je vous assure--sauvages, et qui vous en donneront pour votre
argent--ils vous auront devoree, vous, vos oreillettes, et tout, en
moins de cinq minutes (voici ma montre!)--ne songez qu'aux sensations!
Ici! Allons!--Tom! Peter!--Dick, oh! le drole! lachez-les." Mais comme
j'etais reellement tres pressee, et que je n'avais pas une minute a
perdre, je me vis forcee malgre moi de m'en aller, et de prendre conge
un peu plus brusquement, je l'avoue, que ne l'aurait demande la stricte

Mon premier soin, en quittant M. Blackwood, fut de m'engager
immediatement dans quelque mauvais pas, conformement a ses avis, et
dans cette vue, je passai la plus grande partie de la journee a errer
a travers Edinburgh, en quete d'aventures desesperees--capables de
repondre a l'intensite de mes sentiments, et de s'adapter au grand effet
de l'article que je voulais ecrire. J'etais accompagnee dans cette
excursion de mon domestique negre Pompey, et de ma petite chienne Diane,
que j'avais amenee avec moi de Philadelphie. Ce ne fut que tard dans
l'apres-midi que je reussis dans ma difficile entreprise. Il m'arriva
alors un grand evenement, dont l'article a la Blackwood qui suit,--dans
le ton heterogene, est la substance et le resultat.


"Quel malheur, bonne dame, vous
a ainsi privee de la vie?"

Par une apres-midi tranquille et silencieuse, je m'acheminai dans
l'agreable cite d'Edina. Il regnait dans les rues une confusion et un
tumulte effroyables. Les hommes causaient. Les femmes criaient. Les
enfants s'egosillaient. Les cochons sifflaient. Les chariots grondaient.
Les boeufs soufflaient. Les vaches beuglaient. Les chevaux hennissaient.
Les chats faisaient le sabbat. Les chiens dansaient.--_Dansaient_!
Etait-ce donc possible? Oui, _dansaient_! Helas! pensai-je, le temps
de danser est passe pour moi! Il n'est plus.

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Text Comparison with Eureka: A Prose Poem

Page 2
But however admirable be the succinctness with which he has treated each particular point of his topic, the mere multiplicity of these points occasions, necessarily, an amount of detail, and thus an involution of idea, which precludes all _individuality_ of impression.
Page 6
Mill very properly, 'is _in no case_ to be received as a criterion of axiomatic truth.
Page 8
' "By the bye, my dear friend, is it not an evidence of the mental slavery entailed upon those bigoted people by their Hogs and Rams, that in spite of the eternal prating of their savans about _roads_ to Truth, none of them fell, even by accident, into what we now so distinctly perceive to be the broadest, the straightest and most available of all mere roads--the great thoroughfare--the majestic highway of the _Consistent_? Is it not wonderful that they should have failed to deduce from the works of God the vitally momentous consideration that _a perfect consistency can be nothing but an absolute truth_? How plain--how rapid our progress since the late announcement of this proposition! By its means, investigation has been taken out of the hands of the ground-moles, and given as a duty, rather than as a task, to the true--to the _only_ true thinkers--to the generally-educated men of.
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These latter--our Keplers--our Laplaces--'speculate'--'theorize'--these are the terms--can you not fancy the shout of scorn with which they would be received by our progenitors, were it possible for them to be looking over my shoulders as I write? The Keplers, I repeat, speculate--theorize--and their theories are merely corrected--reduced--sifted--cleared, little by little, of their chaff of inconsistency--until at length there stands apparent an unencumbered _Consistency_--a consistency which the most stolid admit--because it _is_ a consistency--to be an absolute and an unquestionable _Truth_.
Page 15
I use the word "assumption" in its ordinary sense; yet I maintain that even this my primary proposition, is very, very far indeed, from being really a mere assumption.
Page 16
Let us conceive the Particle, then, to be only not totally exhausted by diffusion into Space.
Page 21
"_Ocular_, _physical_ proof," however, of attraction, here upon Earth, in accordance with the Newtonian theory, was, at length, much to the satisfaction of some intellectual grovellers, afforded.
Page 22
This "vital truth" is _Unity_ as the _source_ of the phaenomenon.
Page 28
same proportion as the squares of the distances of the plane from the luminous body, are increased; and will be increased in the same proportion as these squares are diminished.
Page 40
Confining himself to an _obviously limited_ region--that of our solar system with its comparatively immediate vicinity--and _merely_ assuming--that is to say, assuming without any basis whatever, either deductive or inductive--_much_ of what I have been just endeavoring to place upon a more stable basis than assumption; assuming, for example, matter as diffused (without pretending to account for the diffusion) throughout, and somewhat beyond, the space occupied by our system--diffused in a state of heterogeneous nebulosity and obedient to that omniprevalent law of Gravity at whose principle he ventured to make no guess;--assuming all this (which is quite true, although he had no logical right to its assumption) Laplace has shown, dynamically and mathematically, that the results in such case necessarily ensuing, are those and those alone which we find manifested in the actually existing condition of the system itself.
Page 50
That the demonstration does not _prove_ the hypothesis, according to the common understanding of the word "proof," I admit, of course.
Page 57
" Its vast superiority in size is but an apparent superiority arising from our position in regard to it--that is to say, from our position in its midst.
Page 62
The progress of the pea _should be_--in other words, the progress of the planet _is_, of course,--slow in proportion to its distance from the Sun--swift in proportion to its proximity.
Page 63
In guessing with Plato, we spend our time to better purpose, now and then, than in hearkening to a demonstration by Alcmaeon.
Page 72
Now and then, however, a philosopher proper--one whose phrenzy takes a very determinate turn--whose genius, to speak more reverentially, has a strongly-pronounced washerwomanish bias, doing every thing up by the dozen--enables us to see _precisely_ that point out of sight, at which the revolutionary processes in question do, and of right ought.
Page 85
In this view alone the existence of Evil becomes intelligible; but in this view it becomes more--it becomes endurable.
Page 86
The first volume of the Series will be The Sketch-Book, complete in one volume, which will be ready on the first day of.
Page 87
Putnam has also made arrangements for the early commencement of new works or new editions of the.
Page 90
Klipstein, AA.
Page 92
, &c.